Terry Morgan, Shamanic Practitioner

Terry is a Teaching Associate and takes a lead role in many of our workshops, including leading movement and art expression as well as fire ceremonies and other ceremonial activities.  

Terry's prior experience as a shamanic teacher include several years as Dory's Assistant and Teaching Apprentice.   After completing Sandra Ingerman's Two-Year Teacher Training Program in 2013, as well as other trainings with Sandra, Terry is now taking on a greater role as Teaching Associate in the annual Shamanic Apprenticeship Program as well as The Hollow Bone Program in Advanced Shamanic Studies and Initiations.   

Terry is also an accomplished Astrologer and leads weekend long programs in unique astrological subjects.  Terry has been in the alternative health and healing world since 1975 when she worked as a nutritionist.  She has been a well-known and accomplished massage therapist with a vibrant business and clientele. Terry crafts unique experiences for her clients by blending the disciplines of astrology, shamanism and body work.  

Terry loves music, is an awesome drummer, and has previously played in a band called Funky Stella.  She studied African drumming with Inanna, a highly-acclaimed group of African drummers here in Maine.