Carrie Bancroft, Shamanic Marketer 

Carrie Bancroft is a gifted shamanic marketer, "COSMIC TALENT AGENT" and healer.

Carrie Bancroft is a shamanic healer & marketer based in Seattle, Washington. Prior student and current mentee of Dory's, as a shamanic practitioner, Carrie has moved deeply into the field of curse unraveling and compassionate depossession (as taught by Betsy Bergstrom). 

On the marketing front, Carrie provides technical and marketing partnership in the areas of website development, social media marketing, webinar creation, email marketing and much much more!  Carrie is a true cosmic talent agent who helps connect people to their life purpose and talents, using her unique combination of marketing magic and healing skills to make her clients uniquely shine. 

Carrie is remarkable and her services are unique, capturing the essence of the intuitive/shamanic/artist/healer client in the virtual realm! My website is one of Carrie’s creations, and one of many products she has created for me. I am over the moon delighted with the finished products and the results they are achieving. Carrie is dedicated worker and phenomenal communicator who is swift to understand her clients’ needs and gets things done in a timely and cost-effective way. In short...she is magnificent!
— Dory Cote


Carrie has been a freelance graphic designer, web developer since 2000, and a marketer since 2009, with prior work providing tech training for underserved communities and HIV education to incarcerated populations. She has been practicing shamanism since 2000, and was one of the first cohort members of Dory's initial 2-year apprenticeship program (2005-07).