Jody Breton: Ceremonialist & Interfaith Minister

Jody’s passion lies in the co-creation of heartfelt and beautiful Earth-way ceremonies.  She loves working with others in co-creating their special day, whether that is a wedding, a house blessing, or other unique ceremony.

Jody is a graduate of Dory’s 2013 Apprenticeship Program as well as the Two-Year Advanced Initiations Program (2014-15).  Jody is also a graduate of the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine and was ordained as an Interfaith Minister in June 2011.

Jody is married, loves gardening, creating fire ceremonies, and has a deep connection with the natural world, finding great peace being out in nature.    

She has enjoyed her career as a professional respiratory therapist and health coach for 25+ years.

Jody married us on June 4, 2016. When we asked her to officiate our ceremony she talked with us and asked one critical question about our relationship; this was a pivotal moment for us. She asked us what three things built the foundation of our relationship. Our answer became the basis to the creation of our unique and personal ceremony. We were married in the wedding garden we built together by the woman who inspired its creation! Jody is magnificent, loving and inspirational! We felt held by her through our entire process.
— Jackie R.