Kermit Bennett, Drum Maker, Carpenter & Master Craftsman

Kermit has spent a good part of his life traveling and seeking out the spiritual truths of life.

Kermit has many years of experience as a boat carpenter, an accomplished woodsman and explorer he now uses his skills to create drums, shaman tools and wood crafts.  Kermit has found his "home" in creating custom made frame drums for shamanic journeying and other sacred purposes.  He is a master carver and creates drums from buffalo, deer and moose hides.   He has also created Mother Drums and other powerful percussion instruments for sacred ceremony.   

Kermit and his spouse, Alexandra, craft most of the sacred tools that Dory makes available for sale at her workshops and events.   Please contact Kermit directly to place an order or to inquire about his offerings @ 207-997-3639.

Both Kermit and his wife Alexandra are accomplished musicians performing personal compositions, folk, Celtic, contra, and Finnish music.