Dory Cote, Shamanic Practitioner

Dory Cote is a nationally-known Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher who brings passion and creativity to her teaching and healing, creating a safe, sacred and affirming place for students and clients. 

Dory is a brilliant teacher and practitioner.
— Sandra Ingerman, author of "Healing with Light"

Dory has 15-years experience teaching soul retrieval and other advanced shamanic trainings.  She has performed soul retrievals for thousands of clients from diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds and has performed healing rituals and ceremonies for countless adults and children since entering practice.  

Dory has taught a year-long Shamanic Apprenticeship Program since 2005 when she completed Sandra Ingerman's Two-Year Teacher Training.   She has created and taught other long-term advanced programs in Shamanic Iniations and several 5-day long programs in Advanced Shamanic Studies.  Dory was recently accepted to teach a 5-day Soul Retrieval Training in January 2017 at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, a highly regarded and well known educational facility in Western Massachusetts.  

Dory's training over a period of ten years includes completion of a Three-Year Program in Advanced Shamanism and Shamanic Healing with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She has studied with several indigenous shamans and other well known shamans including Tom Cowan, Hank Wesselman, Ailo Gaup, Claude Poncelet, Nan Moss & the late David Corbin. She has studied extensively with Sandra Ingerman including in-depth initiatory work in the practice of Soul Retrieval.   Dory has also actively participated in a 6-year practicum in Weather Shamanism under the tutelage and guidance of Nan Moss & the late David Corbin, authors of the well known book, Weather Shamanism.

Dory was a successful business woman for many years prior to finding her passion for life in the practice of shamanism.  She is married, has two Portuguese Water Dogs, loves swimming, being in the woods, dancing and cooking.