Can I be healed in one session?

 Often healing happens with just one session. However, the degree to which one heals is very dependent upon the client.

We like to say that the work is the cure, but the healing happens after the session. So, the client plays a role in the healing. It is important that the client be opened and receptive and be willing to make shifts and changes in their lives to enhance the possibility of healing. In other words, sometimes our own habits and beliefs get in the way of healing. If you were diagnosed with lung cancer and while undergoing the necessary healing you continued to smoke cigarettes, then the success of your healing would be seriously compromised.

It is unusual for someone to have to see a Shaman repeatedly over a long period of time. Generally, a person sees a Shaman for 1 to 3 sessions and then may never have a need to return, or will return at some later date because of a change in life's circumstances...for instance, a divorce, an accident, surgery, loss of a loved one, etc.

For people who are suffering from serious physical illness, the work of Healing With Spiritual Light will require several sessions over a period of time. We have worked with people who have had strokes, suffer from inoperable cancers or other cancers, have had heart and/or lung transplants, are recovering from serious surgeries, are disabled in some form, and many other serious illnesses and diseases.