Shamanic Ceremonies

Since ancient times ceremonies and rituals have been crucial parts of the human experience. Regardless of a person’s spiritual or religious beliefs and practices, ceremony plays a role in their means of celebrating birth, death, marriage, graduation, anniversaries, and countless other life transitions.

The Center for Earth Light Healing provides ceremonial and ritual opportunities for anyone seeking guidance or leadership in a ritual or ceremony.  Examples of rituals and ceremonies that we can customize and guide are:

  • Coming of Age Ceremonies for Girls and Boys (group or individual)
  • Graduation from a school, a program, or completion of a project
  • Blessing of home, office, or other space
  • Clearing land of any negative influences
  • Blessing domestic animals
  • Blessing gardens, fields, and plants
  • Divorce, or letting go of relationship ceremonies
  • Funerals/Memorial Services/Honoring the Dead
  • Fire Ceremonies for any event
  • Family Soul Retrievals or Healing Ceremonies
  • Community Ceremonies
  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Welcome to the world ceremonies for infants and children

Dory has many years of experience in leading ceremonies of every nature imaginable. If there is a ceremony you would like Dory to create with you and potentially lead for you, please contact her.  

My husband and I wanted a small, private, very meaningful marriage ceremony that brought together the worlds of shamanism and traditional Christianity. Our lives were about to merge and complement one another, and the ceremony that Susan and Dory performed for us did just that...beautifully blending our love of nature and the natural world with our religious beliefs. Susan and Dory’s gentle, loving and peaceful spirits cast a beautiful light over our ceremony and we entered our days of togetherness bathed in that special spirit. We are and will be forever thankful to them!
— Stacey Power

Susan M Savell, an ordained minister, and founder of The Peace Church, a non-denominational, intentional spiritual community, is authorized to perform legal marriages anywhere in the U.S. Because Susan’s marriage ceremonies are customized for the individual couple, the experience is one of total immersion in the unique loving qualities of them as individuals and as a couple.

Susan’s music can be an element of any marriage ceremony. Susan has 4 professional recordings and has performed live for audiences of thousands throughout the US and Europe. She is a talented musician and has the capacity to move her listeners to a space of grace, openness and wonder.

Dory and Susan have also performed marriage ceremonies together.  At the request of couples who want drumming and other shamanic or more native rituals as a part of their ceremony, Dory and Susan craft a ceremony that meets the needs of both persons in the partnership.