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  • Midcoast Maine Yoga 39 Fiddlehead Lane Road Topsham, ME 04086 USA (map)



In this one-year experience you will learn many of the core shamanic healing practices including working with those who are dying or who are deceased, power animal retrievals, Sandra Ingerman's Medicine for the Earth and transfiguration practices, and you will participate in several ceremonies including fire ceremonies, dances and other rituals and initiations.   We will have many opportunities to explore shamanic expression through making sacred objects and creating shamanic art.  We will work with archetypes, shamanic trance postures, and explore our individual inner selves in deep ways.   There is ample opportunity for community building within the Circle and homework with teams to keep the momentum of your practice between classes.

Some students go on to become shamanic practitioners, while many apply their experience in a variety of unique and creative ways. We work in a small circle with generally no more than 15 students in any one year. This provides a great deal of individualized attention with ample follow up and contact with Dory between sessions. Your tuition includes weekly telephone conference calls with Dory to ask questions and share experiences.  

Many people have found that stepping into the power and healing that is offered by the ancient practice of shamanism has enabled them to navigate these tumultuous and challenging modern times.  In North America, our shamanic practices are consistent with modern-day life and and most have found help in becoming all they can be amidst the chaos and uncertainty of the future.    This work is about who you become, not what you do.   Students have found that the work brings them stillness in the midst of chaos while at the same time enlivens them to the beauty and magic of our natural world and the mystery of life on Earth as we know it.  Within the program are a multitude of individual spiritual growth opportunities which contribute to the process of becoming the "hollow bone" as we describe, in shamanism, that capacity to release our ego and be the clear channel of connection with our spirit helpers. 

In 2017 we will have 7 non-residential weekends at The Barn in Topsham, ME  and 2 residential weekends at The Kennedy Learning Center @ Camp Kieve in Nobleboro, ME.  

 If you are traveling from some distance we can make recommendations for inexpensive overnight housing for the non-residential weekends.  The Barn, Topsham, Maine is a beautiful, peaceful yoga retreat facility with outdoor fire pit, separate space for lunches and snacks, a small kitchen, and plentiful pillows, blankets, chairs, back jacks and other items to help keep you comfortable during the workshop.

I love teaching others to access their own spiritual power and Terry Morgan is the perfect teaching associate who brings great joy and heart to the work, leads all the fire ceremonies, often opens circle for us, and leads activities involving art and movement.   A former student recently sent me this unsolicited comment about her experience of me as a teacher:  

"Thank you Dory Cote for helping me, and all of those that you come in contact with to become a clearer reflection of their authentic, radiant, selves. Dory you have taught me so much about being the hollow bone, and the best part is that what I have learned came from watching you be you, with complete detachment from the ego and gratitude gifted to spirit."

If you are interested, please APPLY HERE.  Application includes information about tuition.  Following the submission of your Application, you will receive a call from Dory to schedule an appointment for a personal interview. 

The meeting dates for 2017 are as follows:

  • Jan 28-29 (The Barn)
  • Feb 25-26  (The Barn)
  • March 24-26 (Kennedy Learning Center - Residential)
  • April 29-30  (The Barn)
  • May 13-14  (The Barn)
  • June 24-25  (The Barn)
  • Sept 16-17  (The Barn)
  • Oct 13-15 (Kennedy Learning Center - Residential)
  • Nov 18-19  (The Barn)

  The meeting hours for the non-residential weekends at The Barn are 10 to 5 on Saturday and 10 to 4 on Sunday with very few exceptions due to weather or other conflicts.  We are sensitive to the challenges of winter travel and if inclement weather is predicted we will re-schedule rather than have students travelling in risky weather conditions.

The residential weekends begin at lunch on Friday and end after lunch on Sunday.   We have extended teaching hours on these residential meeting days with meetings typically from 9:30-1:00, 2:00-6:00 and 8 pm. to 11 p.m.   All housing is shared room with private bath. Tuition includes all meals and housing for the residential weekends.  Private rooms are available for an additional fee.  

We look forward to hearing from you.