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The Shaman's Apprentice: Session Two


PREREQUISITE: Completion of Session One


COST: $350 plus housing costs based on your rooming preference.

(All meals are included with housing.)

We begin our work together in this session with two days of exploring and practicing the complete and advanced shamanic methods of communicating with the dead including how to work with clients’ grief, exploring where human souls go at death, and practicing an ancient ceremony that leads suffering spirits into a place of peace and growth.

You will learn and practice the ancient Celtic ceremony of “soul hiding” and Dory will introduce you to other Sami and Celtic healing ceremonies that restore vitality and power.  You will learn about and communicate with your personal shamanic ancestors and, as a community, we will complete a Peruvian Despacho Ceremony to express gratitude to our ancestors and the Earth.

In preparation for learning and practicing Transfiguration and Healing with Spiritual Light, as taught by Sandra Ingerman, Dory will gently guide you through the personal soul work of making peace with your shadow.  Following preparation, you will practice these profound healing ways, building the light energy of the cosmos, and healing yourself, clients and all Beings.  In our final evening together Dory and her assistants will lead you in the Power Dance...a modern-day expression of channeling spirit through song and dance.

Dory will coach you around how to create and sustain a shamanic practice that is effective, gets results, and serves your clients’ needs as well as the greater good of all Beings.   Certificate of Completion is awarded to those completing both Shaman’s Apprenticeship sessions.