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Soul Retrieval: Healing the Fragmented Self

  • Kripalu 57 Interlaken Road West Stockbridge, MA, 01266 United States (map)



COST: $350 plus housing costs based on your rooming preference.

(All meals are included with housing.)

This program provides maximum opportunity receive your own soul retrieval and many supervised practice sessions performing soul retrievals for others. While learning and practicing the sacred nature of this powerful shamanic soul retrieval ceremony, we will share great joy and celebrate as a community welcoming our soul essences home. Dancing, drumming, singing, a fire ceremony, and shamanic art frame our time together.

You will learn about the history of soul retrieval, and what circumstances in our modern-day life may cause soul loss. We will also explore and practice past life soul retrieval, body part soul retrieval, and how to work with peoples of all ages and backgrounds in an effective, loving and compassionate way that promotes maximum results and healing. 

My goal as a teacher is to have participants leave feeling grounded, empowered and prepared to perform soul retrievals for others while at the same time feeling healed and filled with the power that comes from the return of their own soul essences.

The ceremony of soul retrieval is gentle and yet phenomenally powerful. Decades of modern-day cases numbering in the millions demonstrate that this ancient art of soul retrieval applies itself seamlessly to modern day life and creates definitive healing from our human traumas.  

I have performed thousands of soul retrievals in her years as a Shamanic Practitioner and consistently receives positive and powerful feedback from her clients about the life-changing effects of the soul retrieval ceremony.  

Please view my video on Soul Retrieval. This will provide you further in depth information and and help to prepare you for our time together in this workshop.   

I also highly recommend reading Sandra Ingerman's seminal book entitled: Soul Retrieval: Healing the Fragmented Self. I also require this reading as a prerequisite to attending the workshop for those who have not previously pursued shamanic training.  

In addition, if you want to attend but have not had prior experience or training in the shamanic journey, please also read, by Sandra Ingerman: Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner's Guide.

I look forward to creating community with you, meeting and working with you, and sharing this powerful healing tool with you during our five days at Kripalu.

Registrations are not yet available for this workshop on the Kripalu website. Please pre-register with Dory to be notified when more details become available.