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Healing Ancestral, Past & Parallel Lives

  • Kennedy Learning Center, Camp Kieve Damariscotta, ME (map)



COST: $450 (includes double occupancy & all meals)

Join Dory Cote for a deeply healing weekend on the shores of Damariscotta Lake.  The Kennedy Learning Center is a private space with wrap around porch overlooking the magnificent lake, the sounds of loons calling, and outdoor dining on gorgeous, warm, summer days!  

Dory presents this work in such a thorough and exciting way that the time flies by like we are on a space ship. The quantum theory aspects of parallel lives is mind bending !
— V.L.

Explore the language and ways of your ancestors and learn how their lives have impacted your gifts, struggles, and life path.   Dory will share the healing methods she has learned and utilized in her private practice which have been pivotal in assisting clients to understand and integrate aspects of their lives that have been mysterious or challenging.   

This workshop is so rich and exciting that I would attend it a second time.
— T.M.

We will delve deeply into our own past lives in order to learn how to help others heal and integrate past life experiences, both traumas and joys, into a healthier more whole self.  Again, utilizing tools and methods Dory has acquired in her years of private practice, you will be provided with tools to help others. 

Dory will share the nature of recent teachings she has been absorbing from her own helping spirits regarding parallel lives.  You will hear and practice  how to help others with the profound work of integrating parallel lives with the way you are currently experiencing your life.