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Healing Ancestral, Past & Parallel Lives

  • Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health Lenox, MA (map)



TUITION: $350 (plus housing and food costs)

Dory will lead you in understanding how mystics and shamans have known for centuries that the power and wounds of our ancestors are legacies that require honor and attention.  Currently scientists are writing about their discoveries that we inherit “tendencies” in our DNA going back as far as seven generations. Some of our ancestral wounds may require healing to enable stepping into this lifetime’s potential!  In this workshop you will be the beneficiary of this profound healing. Learn how to help heal others of ancestral wounds!

Using deep meditation, shamanic journeying, movement, art, and working with the power of the natural world you will develop new ways to heal past life energies and traumas that have blocked or interfered with this lifetime.  And take these teachings home so that you can help others do the same.

Mystics, shamans, and quantum physicists have explored the concept that we may be living simultaneous or parallel lives.   Led by Dory’s experience in this realm you will have the opportunity to explore this little known energy, develop the means to identify if you have a parallel life, and learn how to merge the positive qualities of this parallel life with the life of which you are currently aware.

This workshop is highly experiential!  Be ready to be surprised and in awe!