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2020-2021 BECOMING THE HOLLOW BONE (for advanced students only)



This is the definitive last Hollow Bone Program Dory will teach.  She has chosen to make it an extraordinary and expanded one by making each of four meetings a 5-day residential experience.  Dory will be your primary teacher and guide throughout this program with occasional teachings, movement exercises, and ceremonies led by Nancy Bower. You can expect to be learning through shamanic initiations such as what are revealed in Mircea Eliade's work entitled "Shamanism," a classic research text of the ways of the shamans in antiquity. We will perform trance dances, experience shamanic art using a variety of media, and deepen our connection with the spirits of nature by performing numerous activities as well as individual and group ceremonies outdoors.  You will come to know the spirits of nature in ways you have not previously imagined. We will form a tight Circle of support and love throughout our time together. Each meeting includes at least one major shamanic initiation performed in a safe and sacred truly inspirited environment.  

Exploring the ways of our indigenous ancestors from throughout the world you will have the opportunity to truly become "one" with your helping spirits in ways you have not previously imagined and you will come to know the truth of miracles in our midst here in the modern world.

During this two-year program you will have ongoing mentoring from Dory Cote via Zoom Conference Calls exclusively available to participants in this program, as well as audio recordings of other materials from time to time.  There are significant homework assignments that are necessary for the enhancement of our in person gatherings.  Some assignments require creating sacred tools and objects. You will be provided with adequate guidance and advanced knowledge regarding how to complete your assignments. An emphasis on individual and group experience is primary to this program.

A personal Interview with Dory Cote is required for admission, as well as the pre-requisite of prior in depth shamanic work and experience with Dory Cote or other well-trained and reputable shamanic teachers.  All residential weeks are double occupancy with private bath.   Private rooms are available at an additional cost.  

All meetings will be held at The Kennedy Learning Center/Camp Kieve in Nobleboro, ME where Dory has many years of teaching experience and is highly regarded by staff.  You will be held in beauty by the woods, the waters of Damariscotta Lake, the winds, the rains and the sun! Room are very comfortable, fairly spacious, and all have a private bath with shower.  All linens are provided. Three meals per day plus snacks are served. Accommodations for food allergies and preferences are honored. Meeting space overlooks the lake and is spacious as well as well lit and inviting.  



  • JUNE 28-JULY 3

  • OCTOBER 25-30


  • MAY 10-14

  • OCTOBER 25-29


  • $440/mo for 19 months (June 1, 2020 – December 1, 2021)

  • We offer a discount for those able to pay full tuition up-front. Please inquire for details.