learn the shamanic secrets of the lower world in 7 online sessions.

In this first course of Practicing Modern Shamanism, you will learn the fundamentals of practicing Shamanism in today’s world. You will journey many times to the Lower World to meet – and learn to work with – your Power Animal. You will learn how answer questions, heal yourself, and help others while working with your Power Animal. You will also be introduced to the history of shamanism through the ages, and will experience a Shamanic Initiation.


Class 1: introducing the Lower WORLD

What is the Lower World and why would you want to go there?  Who will you meet there and how can they help you in your current life situation? What is a Power Animal? Can your pet be your Power Animal?  With a guided drumming journey, learn how to access other realms and meet your Power Animal.

“Dory is humble, truthful, and witty. She is grace and mercy, strength and groundedness. She has taught me to stand in my own power.”
— S.B. (Maine)

Class 4: Learning from your power animal

Learn the secrets of how to properly ask a question to which your Power Animal will happily respond. Learn what to do if you do not understand your Power Animal’s response?   Experience how to forge a meaningful relationship with your Power Animal.   

“Thank you, thank you ‘Grandmother Dory’. How fondly and respectfully do I call you ‘teacher’.”
— V.L. (Maine)
“Never before have I experienced a teacher who holds such a safe and sacred space in which to do the work and deepen.”
— R.V. (Ohio)

CLass 3: trusting your imagination

What is imagination? Learn how can you use your imagination to get to the Lower World and understand what is happening in this other realm. Learn how to understand that your experience is not from your “imagination” and hold the truth that your imagination is necessary for success. 

“Dory is a masterful teacher: warm, grounded, compassionate and funny. Her courses are engaging and soul-healing. She also happens to be an incredibly wonderful human being.”
— C.B. (Washington)

Class 6: Finding your power with your power animal

Learn about the classic ways our Power Animals help us to source greater power.   Experience your first shamanic initiation in a journey under Dory’s guidance and instructions.   Learn how to be sure you are always safe when journeying. 

Class 2: understandinG the lower world

Learn to understand how your Power Animal communicates with you.   What are metaphors and how do you unpack them in order to understand.  What if you cannot see in your journeys? Is that common? How to develop your senses to enhance your shamanic journeying experiences.

“Dory is incredibly professional, loving, nurturing and holds space with so much sacred power.”
— Anonymous (Canada)

Class 5: Helping other people with your power animal

Learn how to help others by divining information that will be helpful.  Find out if you can do healing work for others with your Power Animal’s help?  Experience the ability to help your spouse, children, and friends with simple questions your Power Animal will be excited to answer. 

“Thank you for bringing this work into the world. I’m so happy to have found a teacher who mentors with knowledge, strength, clarity, and compassion.”
— R.M. (Georgia)

Class 7: Bringing it all home

“This workshop with Dory Cote changed my life forever.”
— L.M. (Boston)

How to integrate the teachings from this program into your daily life and advise about how to best exercise the regular shamanic journeying at home on your own.   Where is best to journey?  What time of day?  What to do if you are interrupted? 


You will learn:

  • How to travel to other realms to meet your Power Animal

  • How to ask your Power Animal questions for yourself

  • Why you can trust the answers from your Power Animal

  • How to properly use your imagination in a journey

  • How to ask your Power Animal questions for other people

  • How to forge a lasting relationship with this Power Animal

  • Safely experience your first shamanic initiation in a journey with guidance from Dory

  • Learn how to consciously work with your power animal in your daily life

You will get:

  • Audio recording of guided journey to the Lower World

  • Audio drum recording for future journeys

  • Downloadable written guides about:
    – the history of shamanism
    – keys to asking your Power Animal effective questions
    – how to overcome problems with journeying
    –secrets to developing a relationship with your Power Animal

  • Instructional video recordings with each class, personally recorded by Dory

  • An invitation to join Dory's private Facebook group for ongoing shamanic support and community