continue your shamanic adventure! explore the upper world in 6 online sessions.

In this second course in the Practicing Modern Shamanism series, you will journey to the Upper World to meet your Spirit Teacher, learning how to communicate with this teacher to help you and others in healing work. You will also learn how to merge your Power Animal with this Spirit Teacher, and participate in an intentional shamanic initiation.  


Class 1: introducing the UPPER WORLD

Learn how to get to the spirit realm of the Upper World and to identify your Spirit Teacher. Learn the differences between the Lower World and the Upper World in spirit reality. Learn about the use of language and why we describe our spirit helper as a partner rather than a guide.

“Dory is humble, truthful, and witty. She is grace and mercy, strength and groundedness. She has taught me to stand in my own power.”
— S.B. (Maine)


Establish a trusted means of communication with your Spirit Teacher. Learn how your Spirit Teacher communicates with you. All methods of relating are relevant, but you must know what works for you both, so you can be certain of the responses you are getting.

“Never before have I experienced a teacher who holds such a safe and sacred space in which to do the work and deepen.”
— R.V. (Ohio)

Class 3: Imagination & DISCERNMENT

How do you know you are not imagining or “making up” the information your Upper World Teacher is sharing with you?  Learn how to discern what is in your mind and what is truly coming directly from your Spirit Teacher.

“Thank you for bringing this work into the world. I’m so happy to have found a teacher who mentors with knowledge, strength, clarity, and compassion.”
— R.M. (Georgia)
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Class 2: understandinG the UPPER world

Learn how to communicate with your Spirit Teacher. Learn the differences between how your Spirit Teacher and your Power Animal want to work with you. Learn how to phrase questions to your Spirit Teacher that yield productive answers. Learn the ethics of working on the behalf of others.

“Dory is incredibly professional, loving, nurturing and holds space with so much sacred power.”
— Anonymous (Canada)

Class 5: powering up

Learn how to merge or become “one with” your Upper World Teacher and also how to merge with your Power Animal. Learn how to use specific journeys to practice this important aspect of building shamanic power. Learn how to be safe when journeying and to gain added power in your ability to heal others.

Class 6: conscious initiation

Create a virtual altar to build connections with the guardians of this space, honor your Power Animals and Upper World Spirit Helpers by leaving virtual gifts. Deepen your connection to the altar and to this course's online community. Ask for prayers and healing and experience sound, light, angelic presence and profound healing energy. Learn different types of Upper World journeys that can deepen your connection with your Upper World Teacher and Helpers.


You will learn:

  • How to get to the Upper World to meet your Spirit Teacher

  • How to ask effective questions of your Spirit Teacher

  • How to forge a meaningful relationship with this Spirit Teacher

  • How to interpret the information you receive from your Spirit Teacher

  • How to merge with the energy of your Power Animal and your Spirit Teacher

  • How to build shamanic power

  • How to visit and connect with a Virtual Altar

You will get:

  • Six audio visual lessons from Dory Cote in a course you can take at your own pace

  • Original drumming & rattling recordings for your personal use

  • Downloadable document with suggested journeys with your Power Animal or your Upper World Teacher

  • Downloadable guided journey to a Virtual Altar

  • An invitation to join Dory's private Facebook group for ongoing shamanic support and community