Discover the unseen world around you through omens and nature!

explore the middle world in 6 audio-Video classes with dorY
(delivered each week for 6 weeks via email).

Please note that this class requires prior experience in journeying to the Lower World (with a trusted power animal) and the Upper World (with a trusted light-based teacher). If you do not have that experience, please enroll in Course 1 and Course 2.

In this third course in the Practicing Modern Shamanism series, you will learn how to journey in the Middle World (eg, the spirit aspect of the reality in which you already live). In this series, you will learn how to speak with the spirits of trees and other beings in nature, decipher omens both literal and metaphorical, and begin to see the world around you as a series of mystical messages, waiting to be uncoded.


Class 1: Omens in Nature

The natural world is speaking to you all the time, everyday. Learn to see the messages through phenomena in the natural world that come to you as omens. Learn how to decode these messages as well as how to safely journey in and explore the spirit realm of the Middle World.

“Dory is humble, truthful, and witty. She is grace and mercy, strength and groundedness. She has taught me to stand in my own power.”
— S.B. (Maine)

CLass 4: Communing with Trees

Discover the wisdom of trees. Learn how to find and connect with a tree that will bring you long-term connection, messages and wisdom. Learn to decipher the language of trees. Perform a second guided journey to a tree in the middle world in order to gain a message of healing.

“Never before have I experienced a teacher who holds such a safe and sacred space in which to do the work and deepen.”
— R.V. (Ohio)

Class 3: Metaphorical vs. Literal Omens

Learn about elemental omens in the sky, in the water, in the wind, and in the fire. Hear examples of other kinds of omens in nature, as well as how to decipher the message the omen brings. Determine the difference between literal and metaphorical omens.

“Thank you for bringing this work into the world. I’m so happy to have found a teacher who mentors with knowledge, strength, clarity, and compassion.”
— R.M. (Georgia)

Class 2: understandinG omens

Learn how to distinguish between a power animal and an omen. Discover when to journey for yourself and when to ask for help from others. Understand how to treat insects and what to do if you inadvertently contribute to the death of a wild animal.

“Dory is incredibly professional, loving, nurturing and holds space with so much sacred power.”
— Anonymous (Canada)

Class 5: Omens in Your Home

Learn how to spot omens in your own home. Discover the difference between what is coincidence from what is truly an omen. Learn how living beings (pets and pests) as well as your electronics, your appliances, and other inanimate objects can play a role in metaphorical messages from Spirit.

Class 6: Omens vs. Everyday Events

Literal omens are rare, but they are possible. Learn the difference between literal omens and metaphorical omens. Hear examples and stories to help you understand literal omens. Discover the differences in cultural understandings of particular omens. Learn more ways of connecting with omens, inviting them into your life, and deciphering the messages they have to offer.


You will learn how to:

  • Safely journey into the Middle World

  • Discern an omen from an ordinary occurrence

  • Distinguish a literal omen from a metaphorical one

  • Interpret metaphorical omens

  • Develop a deep & healing relationship with a tree

  • See omens in everyday circumstances, including your own home

  • Help others interpret omens in their life

You will get:

  • Six audio-visual lessons from Dory Cote in a 6-week course, delivered one class at a time via email

  • Original drumming & rattling recordings for your personal use

  • Downloadable documents to support and augment Dory’s teachings

  • Two guided journey audio tracks

  • An invitation to join Dory's private Facebook group for ongoing shamanic support and community