Distance energy healing

There are many times when it is not necessary to be in the presence of the shaman for the work to be effective.

In particular, those practices which often don't require the physical presence of the client are: Soul retrieval, extraction work, power animal retrievals and communicating with deceased loved ones and divining information and guidance.

Often we are called upon to help find a lost animal, perform healings for those who are in a hospital far away, send healings to those who are deployed, and provide guidance by "divining" information for a client.

Dory is an amazing healer with a boundless gift. She has a rare ability to tap into wisdom on so many levels that has helped me and my family through life-changing times: she ushered me through a serious miscarriage complication when I was wondering if I’d ever become pregnant again, providing me with guidance that ultimately led to my healing — and second pregnancy.
— Kate Brandeis

When we do distance healing we have an extended conversation with the client, then we do the work while the client is resting quietly at home or some other safe place. Following the work, we make a phone call to the client, which we record on high quality professional CD recording equipment. In this phone call we share all that happened in the journey along with any spiritual guidance which was retrieved for the client. We then mail the client the CD of the session so that (s)he can listen to it as frequently as needed or wanted.