Eva Goulette, Director of Spirit Camps for Children

Eva Goulette, a former student of Dory’s, is currently the Director of Dancing Jaguar Inspirations and the leader of Spirit Camps for Children.

She is passionate about empowering children to be the best they can be, to trust their intuition, speak from their hearts and honor their truth.

"Eva is a natural with children and is gifted beyond anything I have ever seen. Her creations of programs that teach, heal, empower and excite children are enticing to children and parents. Her spiritual leadership with children is unparalleled.” – Dory Cote

 Understanding the importance of developing a balanced connection between mind, body, and spirit, Eva saw the need for curriculum and programs that help to nurture a child's spirit. It was then that her passion for creating classes, programs and workshops for children blossomed into what is now her full-time career.