Shamanic healing for children

Our children are the key to the future of our planet.  Maintaining their healthy spirit is an important aspect of parenting in these times. 

Dory is passionate about working with children of all ages (verbal or non-verbal) in restoring a healthy balance to their precious soul.

Children are exposed to the same traumas and events that we as adults encounter and as such are often in need of healing ceremonies such as Soul Retrieval, Extraction of Negative Energies, Power Animal Retrievals…to name a few.   Dory has had extraordinary success in relieving parental concerns about their children by working with them and restoring balance to their lives.  The ceremonies for children are performed in the realm of play and children almost always want to come back to play with Dory!  

Dory has helped me with countless issues around healing, including communicating with a friend in a coma, helping my son with his sleep difficulties, and getting me on the right professional track. I am very grateful for her skills and services.
— Carrie Bancroft, Marketing Consultant & Mother

Problems with bullying, bedwetting, fears and anxieties, problems with sleeping, fighting with siblings, and outbursts of anger are but a few topics with which Dory has had an abundance of visits and successes.   She has worked successfully with children who have modern-day diagnoses of ADD/ADHD, Autism, Defiance Disorder, and other medical and psychological findings.