Jill Hackett – Writing Coach, Podcaster, Author & Teacher


Jill is Dory's writing coach, and  that "other voice" on Dory's over 80 podcasts, interviewing Dory and producing the podcasts. 

First trained as a technical writer for over 20 years, Jill was taught to write mute — nothing breathing, just the facts. Erase the person from the piece. This discipline of structure and function over voice both strengthened her writing craft, and fueled Jill’s desire to understand the art of writing: to find her voice.  

She apprenticed herself to women authors ages 24 to 84, and learned how they discovered, defined, and developed their writing voice. In her on-going workshops and seminars, she continues to help women find their authentic creative voice. Jill earned a Ph.D. in communications and has degrees in mathematics, human development and psychology from Vassar, Harvard, and The Union Institute & University, with advanced training in counseling and consulting psychology from Northeastern.  Jill is a Certified Professional Coach through CTI (Coach Training Institute)--and often uses intuition and guided meditations in her coaching. 

Her book, Women Voice and Writing:  How to define, develop, and strengthen your writing voice, is available on Amazon.  Her website is jillhackett.com.