Nancy Bower, Teaching Associate & Shamanic Healer


Nancy is Dory Cote’s trusted Assistant in all of Dory’s workshop offerings. She is a Shamanic practitioner and also offers her own workshops and ceremonies for clients and students.

In addition to shamanic healing, Nancy offers Reiki which she has been studying and practicing with regularity for several years. Her office in Yarmouth, Maine is a safe container for her in depth work with clients

Nancy has been on a path to a deeper spiritual connection for most of her life. Her immersion into shamanism was literally sparked by a ceremonial fire and a subsequent search for a drum. This search led her to Dory. Nancy first completed the Introduction to Shamanism Program, led by Terry Morgan, and followed that with the one-year  Shamanic Apprenticeship and then onto the two-year Hollow Bone Program, both taught by Dory with Terry Morgan’s assistance. Nancy has also completed trainings in Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth with Dory. 

In 2017 Nancy participated in a vision quest in New Mexico with Sparrow Hart and Circles of Air and Stone. This experience deepened her connection with Spirit and affirmed her commitment to working with spirit, and life force energy.

Previously, Nancy was the teacher of a program that she created, Adventure Play, which spanned a period of 25 years. This work celebrates and nourishes children’s playful, creative and imaginative spirits. Nancy has written two books to support educators in this work: Adventure Play and Adventure, Play, Peace. Her current work with children supports their connection to the natural world and their own inner wisdom. Peace, compassion and wonder are at the heart of this work.

“Nancy is attentive to the subtleties that elude most shamanic practitioners. She has a keen sense of hearing the illusive nature of a client’s messaging or concerns and has complete trust in her helping spirits to create the needed and harmonious healing that is in the client’s highest good.”
— Dory Cote