Online Mentorship Program

As a Sacred Elder in the Shamanic Community, Dory receives many teaching questions from a broad range of students. In order to answer these questions in a timely and organized manner, she has developed two programs to support students outside of classes and workshops: the Online Mentorship Program and Monthly Email Support.

Online mentorship program


Dory’s Online Mentorship Program includes a 90 minute audio-video Zoom session at the interval of your choosing (monthly, every other month, quarterly or twice a year). These group sessions range from 5 to 30 participants and will be an open Q&A format. Dory will allow enough time for each participant to ask at least one question per session.

These sessions occur once a month and vary based on Dory’s teaching schedule. They are not recorded for reasons of confidentiality.

A drop-in option is also available for those unable to commit to monthly sessions.

Monthly email support

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Monthly Email Support can be purchased in conjunction with the Online Mentorship Program, or as a stand-alone feature for students interested in a more confidential, personalized mentorship arrangement.

Options range from 1 to 4 email support questions per month, with participants responsible for initiating emails and monitoring the use of their package.

Please note that if you choose not to use your support package on a given month, those unused emails do not carry over to the next month.