journey in the path of our shamanic ancestors.

learn to travel in the three shamanic realms In this 3-part online coursE, taught by Dory Cote.


In Course 1, you will journey to the Lower World to meet your Power Animal. Guided by Dory, you will develop a meaningful, lifelong relationship based on mutual trust and openness with this powerful Being.

In Course 2, you will visit the Upper World where you will meet and come to know an important spirit helper who will be your wisdom keeper and another partner in Upper World work. Dory provides powerful guidance to enhance your readiness to go deeper into your shamanic practice.

In Course 3, you will learn how to communicate with spirit beings from the world we live in. By engaging with the language of omens, you will be able to delve deeper into your understanding of how the natural world communicates, strengthening bonds with your guides and intuition.

I love these courses and find them just as effective as in-person! Doing things at my own pace and time helps. It is motivating me to delve deeper into a potential path of Shamanism. Thank you!
— Jen
Love the content. It’s very thorough. I appreciate the depth of content and the love and respect of Dory as she conveys it.
— MW

You will never be alone on your journey through this online shamanic teaching experience as you can ask Dory questions and stay connected to this online community through a private Facebook Page.

I have enjoyed learning very much. Each of my meditative experiences have been very rich with experience. I love the drumming. I look forward to becoming more knowledgeable.
— PS

At the end of these two introductory courses, you will be prepared to enter the world of shamanic healing, as well as advanced shamanic teachings taught by Dory in the Online Apprenticeship Program (coming soon).