Power Animal Retrievals

Power animal retrievals can be an important and highly effective healing ceremony. Power Animals do just that, they bring us power.

When someone has had a loss of power due to a divorce, surgery, the loss of a job, or any other modern-day event, then it may be helpful for him or her to be the beneficiary of a power animal retrieval.

We all have multiple Power Animals. A Power Animals is the spirit of an animal who lived on the earth plane at one time and is now in spirit form. They are animal angels, so to speak. They have tremendous power and have been, for 40,000 years or more, the allies of the shamans and others who lived in indigenous cultures throughout the world.

Thank you so much! Everyone loved the workshop and we are so excited to make a plan to have you back. I truly loved your respectful, confident and kind way of being with the girls. What a gem you are, dear Dory!
— Parent of a Children's Workshop participant

The Power Animal Retrieval is a simple ceremony and one that is very powerful for adults and for children.  Click here to read my articles about Power Animals.