Welcome to the Upper World!

Welcome to the first class in the second of our online series, Practicing Modern Shamanism: Exploring the Upper World. You are about to embark on a journey into yourself...and beyond.

Are you excited? You should be, because the Upper World is very excited to meet you! 

In the instructional video below, I'll be introducing you to how to get to the spirit realm of the Upper World and to identify the spirit in this upper realm who wants to work with you as a Teacher. I also describe the differences between the Lower World (which you experienced in the previous course) and this Upper World spirit reality.  


Journeying audio tracks

The following are two types of unguided drumming journeys for you to journey to the Upper World. If you are in need of additional guided assistance, please use the guided journey to the Lower World (from Course 1) and follow my instructions in the video about how to make it an Upper World journey.