welcome clarity & communication!

Welcome to the fourth class in my online series, Practicing Modern Shamanism: The Upper World. I imagine you having magical experiences in the Upper World as you start to trust your imagination.

In the instructional video below, I suggest several unique journeys you can do to the Upper World to explore more with your Teacher to establish a means of communication on which you can rely. Does this Teacher show images as answers to your questions?  Or, do you hear or just “know” what this Teacher is saying? All methods of relating are important and relevant but you must know what works for you and this new Spirit Teacher so you can be certain of the responses you are getting. I also discuss the ethics of working on behalf of others who have asked for help, rather than just asking questions for someone who has not asked for this service.


Journeying audio tracks

The following are unguided drumming and rattling tracks to take you to the Upper World to practice asking different questions of your Teacher.