welcome Connection & community!

Welcome to the final class in my online series, Practicing Modern Shamanism. You've had many journeys, deepened your relationship with your Teacher, learned how to merge with your Teacher and Power Animal...now what?

In the instructional video below, I show you how to utilize the guided journey (found below this video) that takes you to a “virtual altar”.  Arriving and hanging out at this virtual altar, you can build connections with the guardians of this space, honor your power animals and upper world spirit helpers by leaving virtual gifts, ask for prayers and healing for yourself, meet with the spirit of others who are doing this online program and experience sound, light, angelic presence and profound healing energy for yourself. 


Journeying audio tracks

The following are the usual unguided drumming and rattling tracks to take you to the Upper World anytime you wish, as well as a guided journey to help you set up a virtual altar for our online course community. Have fun, and happy journeying!


Supplementary Documents

The following are two documents that will assist you moving forward in building your relationship with your Upper World Teacher, as well as strengthen your connection to the virtual altar you've co-created with Spirit and other members of this online class.