Healing Sessions with Dory

In-Person Session:

  • Time: 120 Minutes

  • Method: In-person at Dory's office (brunswick, Maine)

  • Cost: $250

As a client in my office, you can expect to have my undivided attention for two hours.

We will have an opportunity to talk in the comfort of my sitting area for however long is needed for you to feel heard and for me to have some understanding of what issues/problems we will address in our work together.

Later, you will be made comfy, fully clothed, on one of my massage tables, with options for pillows and blankets while I perform the ceremony. Most often there is no need for physical contact while I do the work. I will rattle, play drumming sounds and access healing energies which will be conveyed to you through your soul.

When we are complete we will return to the sitting area where I will record all I say on a CD which will go home with you. You will have ample time to ask questions and I will provide coaching specifically for you regarding how to integrate the shamanic healing which has been done for you by my spirit partners.


Distance Session: 

  • Time: 90 Minutes

  • Method: Phone, Email, Google Hangouts or Skype

  • Cost: $180

For long distance work, my time includes our conversation on the phone or via video conferencing prior to the shamanic healing work, the actual shamanic healing ceremony, and the follow up call, immediately after the ceremony, to discuss the nature of the work that was performed and personal coaching re how to implement the integration of the work.

Additional time for which I do not charge (for both in person and long distance sessions) includes prior preparation for your visit and one or two follow up emails and phone calls as needed. Additional follow-ups will incur a charge on a pro-rated hourly rate.

PLEASE NOTE: I provide hourly rate discounts for veterans, the disabled, and people living on fixed incomes. Inquire if you believe you qualify.