What is Your Purpose?

It is not uncommon to muse about why we are here on Earth and for what purpose we have come. The question is much larger than, for instance, "Am I supposed to be a nurse?", or, "Am I supposed to be a fireman?" Truly the larger question is, "For what reason has my spirit made this visit to Earth in a body? What am I here to learn and what am I here to be?"

We suggest that you do several journeys on this topic. First, ask your helping spirits to guide you to experience your spirit as it was coming into this lifetime. Observe its beauty, its radiance, its uncomplicated nature. Just be with that within the context of your first jpurney.

Then, in future journeys, connect with that true nature of who you are that radiance, that divinity your true essence..., and inquire (with the presence of your helping spirits, of course, with an opened heart, regarding why you have come here at this time? Is there some greater purpose to your life than the daily hum drum of working, eating and sleeping? Surely there is! But, what is it?

If you have studied Soul Retrieval you know how to journey to the Void to see your Spirit as it was coming into form for the purpose of being born into this body at this time. Go back to that time and re-visit the nature of your purpose.

If you have not studied Soul Retrieval, you can ask someone who has to do a journey for you where they inquire about the nature of your purpose. We call this "Soul Remembering".

Journey on and remember that your spirits sometimes speak in metaphors...don't interpret everything literally.