Bear Certified Bed Bug Free

Recently a friend of mine was visiting her daughter's apartment in a big city and after arriving home she learned that her daughter's apartment had just been identified as having bed bugs.  

Needless to say, my friend was highly concerned that she may have transported some of these little creatures in her luggage or her personal effects. 

She went into action and amassed information about the life cycle of the bed bug and consulted with a local environmentally-friendly bug control company to seek advise.  While following their lead, using diatomaceous earth in the cracks of her wooden floors and 'baking" her clothes in the trunk of her car where the heat was adequate to kill any freeloaders, she also called me to do a journey for advise and an action plan.

I have one Power Animal in particular who can be quite the comedian and often shows up in a costume which is appropirate to the work we are pursuing.   In this case, Bear showed up in protective gear like what one wears when working with toxic materials and she had a huge magnifying glass.   She examined every corner, and crack in the fllors and cupboards and then sniffed around the bedding, the mattress, the couch and chairs, pillows, linen closet, and every piece of clothing.  

When she was done she declared to me that "this place is certified bed bug free!".   My client and I exhaled a sigh of relief and then had a good laugh about the apartment being "CERTIFIED" bed bug free by one of my Power Animals!

I write about this because it is a wondeful example of the endless ways in which a shamanic practitioner can be helpful by doing a journey.   Now, one might wonder....can you trust what a Power Animal has to say about something of this importance.   My advise to my client was to continue the application of diatomaecous earth but to stop worrying as the problem had been handled and she could trust that the bed bugs were now deceased or gone in some other way.

When we work with our spirit helpers for a long period of time and we are certain that we not involved with our ego in any way, then we truly can come to trust wholeheartedly that the guidance we are receiving is adequate and accurate.

My dlient saw absolutely no evidence of the presence of bed bugs and is now resting peacefully about this whole subject matter.  Bear Certified Bed Bug Free!!!