Imaginary Friends

As a child, did you have an 'imaginary friend'? Or more than one?  What did your parents and caregivers have to say to you about that?

Customary wisdom about imaginary friends has changed through the ages.  Had you lived a few hundred years ago, or had you lived in an indigenous culture at just about any time in history (including currently), you might have been tapped as the village shaman or medicine woman/man.  You would have definitely been encouraged to foster those relationships as real and powerful.

Earlier this week,while doing some shamanic healing with a 3 1/2 year old boy he told me about David, his friend.

David is 10 years old, has black hair and plays football!  Not a construct that would have come out of his family of non-sports people who don't watch TV, have very blond hair, and have never been to a football game!   We played with David together and set a place for him to take a nap on the healing table while we 'played' at healing all my stuffed animals using rattles.   What fun!

A 2 1/2 year old with whom I recently worked has 2 friends who have names and who bring her messages that are astonishingly profound, and not possibly from the mind of a toddler.   Not very imaginary to me!  Sounds quite real.

What are your thoughts and experiences with 'imaginary friends'?