Exploring the Path Not Taken

Have you ever pondered what might have happened in your life had you taken a different path at some critical decision-making moment in your life?   There are times when it appears that there is little option when faced with a fork in the road.

We must go in a specific direction because the consequences of not doing so appear to be ominous.   Even yet, we look back and wonder…what if I had taken that other path?  

In shamanism we explore previously unknown realities.   We come to know that this reality in which we abide is one of many realities.   When we journey to the Lower World or the Upper World we explore the terrain and inhabitants of places that are in a different time/space continuum.   What if?   What if you were to journey to explore that path not taken?   Would you discover another life of yours that is unfolding in another space and time?   Would it be helpful for you to explore the evolution of this other ‘life’?   Would you find peace by putting that fork in the road to rest in this lifetime?   Or would it be more of an adventure for you; like mining a new territory? No matter what the reason, there are almost always gems to be unearthed through this series of journeys.

The exploration of these other dimensions and the unfolding of your life in another time and space can be extraordinarily therapeutic and informative.  You can, for instance, come to know in detail what greatness, joys, sadness or disasters may have developed in this other life experience. You may draw knowledge and insight from this other life experience and apply it to this reality where you are now living.  You may see that there is a skill or gift that you have cultivated in this other reality and make a choice about whether you want to expand your life experience in the here and now. Perhaps you will be drawn to seek training or mentoring in that skill.  

If these questions are a curiosity to you and you have some in depth training and experience in the shamanic journey process, I suggest that you explore these worlds.   If you do not have training or experience in the shamanic journey process, then call your shamanic practitioner and ask for him or her to do these journeys on your behalf.

Call me if you have any questions about this or any other shamanic journey that entices you.