Water Meditation

Recently Angelus (a Master Teacher I have been channeling for several years) gave me an assignment.   Angelus described a two-week water blessing exercise—and asked me to share it. He was emphatic that those of us who do this exercise will help heal the Earth’s waters --while at the same time also help to cleanse and heal our own physical bodies. The potential for miracles is great, Angelus promises. 

Here’s how the exercise goes:

Each day for 7 days, meditate or journey while focusing on a unique manifestation of water.   For instance, one day you may choose “humidity,” on another “snow,” or “ocean”--and so on.   This exercise is not about doing anything but merely about viewing, being a part of, and appreciating the unique expression of water you choose that day.

At the end of 15 minutes, return from this sacred time and, on a small piece of paper, write out the name of the expression of water you visualized. Place the piece of paper in a bowl or basket in a prominent place where you will see it from time to time during the week. Each day add to the words in this container, choosing a new and unique manifestation of water to meditate with each day.  

During week two, remove one of the words from your bowl each day.   Let’s say that you have chosen “ice.“   Take the piece of paper on which you have written the word “ice” and hold it to your heart. For 15 minutes, meditate or journey, with the intention of absorbing this particular expression of water into your heart and soul and sending love outwardly to “ice” as it exists on Earth.   With each inhale, absorb the energy of “ice” into your heart and with each exhale send love to “ice.”   Each day during this second week choose a different manifestation of water from your bowl.  

At the end of week two you may choose to keep the words in your bowl, create a collage with them, release them in a sacred fire ceremony, or ask to be guided about an appropriate release of their energy into the Universe.

Pay attention to the changes, shifts, improvements, and unraveling that may occur in your body as the days unfold. If you are comfortable, please share your experiences with us here.

And, know in your heart that this time you have spent with water has had a profound and lasting positive effect on the waters of the Earth as Angelus promised.