Batteries and Bears

At first blush, batteries and bears may seem like odd partners, unless you look at them symbolically and you accept the possibility that they have come as teachers.

Symbols are significantly more powerful than words. They invite interaction through creativity, vision, art, movement and expansiveness which cannot be adequately conveyed by just words.   In shamanic journeys our helping spirits often communicate with us using symbols to enhance our understanding of their message. The complexity of their communication becomes well known to us over time as we journey into their reality repeatedly.

When we are able to step into our helping spirits’ world and intuitively understand the depth of their messages through the use of their symbolic “language,” we learn the richness and importance of this style of communication.

Now back to batteries and bears…

Recently my car battery just plain died.   My car was running when I parked it in the garage one day and then the next time I went to start it, it was not turning over at all.   First I dealt with the ordinary reality details of getting the car jump-started and replacing the battery. Then I stopped to reflect, and it was obvious that this incident had a message for me to not ‘drain my internal battery’ by being distracted with day to day spin cycle busy things. I was clearly being shown it would be wise for me to hibernate, be still, and explore my own internal world.

The dead battery reminded me of my commitment to rest and renew during this series of silent nights and days of winter. And that remembrance draws me to connect with the energy of bear, one of our most creative 4-leggeds.

Bears do not give birth in the spring while foraging around for the next meal. Rather, female bears snuggle into their den and give birth to their young ones while in a deep state of sleep.   Out of the stillness and depth of slumber, come new life and the exuberance of creation.   Bears teach us to turn within and listen to inner wisdom.   My car battery taught me that too.