Playing Hide and Seek

Remember when you could hide in plain sight?   Ok, maybe you were only two, but you believed it with your whole heart. You had magic.

you loved watching the grownups hunt for you. What if, as adults, we practiced being invisible at a party or a business meeting where we prefer not being seen? Would it be useful?  Would it be fun? 

This reminds me…I studied shape shifting with Claude Poncelet some years ago. During intense sessions, our small circle played with altering our atomic structure to achieve even the slightest bodily physical change. We practiced melting into the wall or the floor. And, rendering ourselves invisible to others seemed not too far-fetched as we made progress.  

Some of us accomplished this in small measure, although our time and energy investment was much grander than the result.   I left these gatherings buoyed by my minute progress and at the same time I was in awe of our shaman ancestors. They, as legends tell us, were able to render themselves completely invisible to others and were habitual practitioners of shape shifting into birds, bears and other animal forms.

I wonder if our ancestors were more successful because being invisible or shape shifting had a significant purpose in their lives. By becoming invisible or by taking on other forms, they were able to observe what was happening on the other side of the mountain, for instance, without leaving the village. It was their form of internet—it made the world accessible and larger. Today we have planes, binoculars, and other devices that put the world at our fingertips.

But…perhaps if we could hold on to the magic residing in the heart of the two year old …believing that she is invisible… we too could be unseen, or soar as a hawk.   Does it begin with believing?