Of Sun and Sun Dogs

Don’t we love the sun?!   Some of us even worship the sun.  Although I welcome the sun, I also find that the sky has much to offer me on cloudy days, rainy days, snowy days, and even after dark.

I love gazing into the sky. It doesn’t matter to me what is happening up there; I absorb and delight in the moment with what “is”.  Clouds, for instance, provide an array of entertainment.   First, I see a deer, then a perfectly formed chickadee.   There are a myriad of cloud types….nimbus, cirrus, alto, stratus, and so on.   Each has a story to tell.

Children understand that the clouds offer a picture show …always changing, shape shifting and speaking the language of metaphor and wonder. Return to childhood awe and admiration of what happens in the sky; this is balm to the adult soul, free and accessible 24/7.

Recently I was a passenger on a long road trip. Since I did not have to concern myself with the road, I could fix my eyes on the sky, my favorite past time. Since I was on my way to a family event, my musing was centered on wondering about the spirit of my brother who died a few months ago. Spontaneously while ruminating, I was treated to the appearance of not one, but two sun dogs!  

A sun dog is a rainbow-like splash of light appearing in cirrus clouds, usually when the sun is low in the sky.   Conditions have to be just right for a sun dog to be created. They are considered little miracles in the sky by most shamanic traditions.  These sun dogs, I am certain were an omen, or message, that my brother’s spirit is in good hands and doing well.  

The sky is calling us to take a moment, take a breath, look up, and accept her invitation.   Will you be attending her show any time soon? Will she have a message for you?