The Call of the Great Blue Heron

While walking the dogs at a beautiful marshy peninsula recently, I was startled by a loud call that sounded a bit like a scream. My first response was fear; it was an unknown sound to me. Could it be a child drowning in the marsh?  

Perhaps it is someone who has been injured, I thought?   As I rounded the bend, I was treated to the exquisite sight of the great blue heron as it took off from the marsh and repeated its loud cry.   I was relieved, and at the same time embarrassed, by not having recognized this sound as one from the wild.  

This moment in time speaks volumes to me as it is a small example of the ways in which, not just I, but the majority of us, have become distant from our roots, our natural world.     I consider myself quite comfortable in the woods, marshes and fields, yet I have forgotten the wildness and, in this case, had a fear response to a native bird sound.   I am filled with sadness as I recognize that the sound of the train whistle is more familiar to me than the sound of the great blue heron.   How do I restore rightness and familiarity with the wild ones?    I cannot find the answer to this question in my mind, so I journey to my Lower World spirit helpers for guidance. Here is what one of my Power Animals had to say:

(a)    Sit in silence in the woods or fields and open your ears to the multitude of creature sounds; the memory is in your genes; you will come to know them and find comfort in their presence

(b)   Step out of the house; be outdoors in all kinds of weather and practice the art of comfort, and with all your senses become familiar with the feel of the wild.

What will you do to restore your sense of rightness with the wild?