The Earth is Our Mother

The expression “The Earth is our Mother” has become a rather cavalier expression and as such has lost its impact on the vast majority of people, in my opinion.  The ecology movement of the 60’s branded these words to gather the attention of those who were marching for peace, living on the land, smoking pot and celebrating life in a body! 

This movement woke us up to the reality that we inhabit a magnificent and beautiful planet, Earth, and she is a living being…and the movement shook us up enough to see that in fact Earth is not an inanimate object… a sort of travelling trash barrel that is there whenever you need to dump something.

How do we resurrect the true depth of this phrase…Earth is Our Mother?   It is true that more people are making an effort to recycle, use less plastic, pick up trash on the beach, and so on.  But don’t we need to take this a step further?   As a Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher I know to the marrow of my bones that this Earth breaths and that I am not separate from her…I came from her womb as much as from the womb of my human mother.   She breathes me; she nurtures me; she holds me in her arms and soothes my broken soul when it needs comfort.    How much more could a living being possibly do to be recognized as “Mother”. 

How do we who know Mother Earth intimately share this knowledge of Earth Mother’s grandeur with those who pass her by without a nod?  Is it possible for us to guide others into the familiarity of her deep and luscious body?   My guess is that we can and that we do this one person at a time.

A simple gesture of invitation to another human to feel Her pulse, to hear Her song, to smell Her breath and see Her beauty could make a small mark in the very large dent we must fill to redeem ourselves in Her eyes!   All our lives depend upon this; let us not forget it.  Mother Earth is waiting for us to act ferociously in her defense.  Help another human to wake up before the alarm clock runs out of battery power!