Are Weather Spirits Real?

Weather Spirits and whether they are real…that is the question, right? Here’s my take on this topic.  First, of all I find it alarming how often people complain about the weather? It is too wet, too dry, too cold, too hot, too humid, too sunny or too cloudy, or too windy…rarely is it perfect!  

What is it about human nature that we find fault in whatever the weather IS in the moment!  Caught in a line at the grocery store or the bank you are likely to participate in or hear others engaged in weather it because we are bored, or afraid, or just don’t have anything else to talk about?

In my shamanic teachings I uncovered the astonishing truth that all manner of weather has a spirit!  And, furthermore, there is a compassionate dimension to all aspects of weather…all weather, even the hurricane and the snowstorm who we malign and deride, actually have a compassionate essence. I used to be a chronic complainer about winter, the cold, the snow and the bitter winds!   Then I met a couple of shamans who taught me about the Spirits of Weather…that was an eye opener for me and has moved me 180 degrees in my attitude about winter and the spirits of winter weather! 

The Weather Spirits have infinite wisdom to share with us if we just ask; there is so much for us to learn!   Listen to this month’s podcasts about Weather Spirits to hear a lot more on this topic and explore how YOU might change your beliefs and attitudes about what IS...and that IS the weather of the moment.