Shamanic Prayer

Here in the northeastern U.S. we pray all winter, just like our ancestors, for the return of the Sun and the reawakening of the Earth Beings. But what is prayer, really? Can we as mortal beings influence the Sun to warm the Earth again by praying for it to be so? prayer merely a wish or a dream or perhaps a beckoning for a long held desire? Prayer is held by many as a petitioning for the merciful intervention of some unseen force for healing or help for oneself or a loved one. But is that the sum total of prayer?

Are you curious, like me, about the respective power of praying for someone to be healed versus seeing that person as already healed? What if we were to decree that our desires are already manifest. Is that a prayer?

Think about it…Jesus didn’t say “I am praying for you to be healed”…rather he said “Go now, you are healed”…he decreed it to be so. Can we, you and I, possibly harness that same power? What are your thoughts about this?