Initiations and Silence

Several years ago I had the privilege of studying with Ailo Gaup, a Sami Shaman.

He was a simple man who wore jeans and a button down shirt, and yet without pomp and circumstance he carried an aura of astonishing power and clarity. I frequently visit my memory of being awe struck by his peaceful power.

The biggest takeaway from my time with Ailo was being witness to his modeling the power of silence. He did this with such transparency, that in his presence it became unarguable that “being” is the major and essential ingredient in growth from shamanic initiations!

Our initiations whether we are on a shamanic path of spirituality or not are typically rife with tumultuous, chaotic, and sometimes just plain grueling challenges. Yet it is in the practice of silence and in peaceful times that we more likely hear the voice of Spirit with resounding clarity. These times of silent retreat allow for the integration, understanding and thus the eventual spiritual growth from our current or prior initiatory experiences.

I invite you into the silence! The YouTube video of Ailo's “Ancient Earth Mantra – Shaman’s Initiation” CD is one small way to settle your mind for a while and make space to assimilate your growth experiences and initiations.