Many of you have seen the movie, The Horse Boy. If you have not yet seen it, and you are interested in either shamanism or children, then it is a must-see documentary.  

I was astonished to see that much of my work with gifted children flows in ways that are similar to that experienced by Rowan and his parents.  Their journey was extraordinary and, at the same time, not something every American family can undertake.  I believe parents today can have similar experiences with their gifted children, without having to travel to the extremes of Mongolia, or Africa, or South America, or other places inhabited by indigenous people whose practice of shamanism is seamlessly woven into their culture. 

There are shamans here in America, like myself, who are doing sacred, powerful work with children who possess unusually rich and unique abilities and talents that are often hidden beneath behavior which is disruptive to our American need for 'normalcy'. 

I don't know what it was that healed Rowan (the Horse Boy) of his inability to live contentedly in his body.  It may very well have been the horses, the shamans, the atmosphere of Mongolia, his parents' willingness to leave the pressures of daily life behind to focus 100% on their son, or the healing waters of the river.  I suspect it was a combination of all these factors.   Rowan's healing is profound and continues to this day.  

One of the statements in the movie that was most moving for me was this: 'autism is a form of diversity'...not an illness! 

In my work with children this is where we begin: Your Child is NOT Sick!  ...Your child is gifted and has many talents, assets and special abilities that (s)he is yearning to have you discover and uncover.  When this occurs, your child begins to unfold like a tulip and shines her beauty for all to see and share.

There are growing numbers of children who are identified as being withing the 'autistic spectrum'.   I am not interested much in a discourse about what causes these special children to come into the world at this time.  But,  I am very interested in working with the children and their parents, to uncover and better understand the child's world, and to respect and nourish the child's unique qualities and gifts.   In my world, it is not an 'accident of nature' that so many specially gifted children are gracing us with their presence. They are the messengers; the gift bearers.  Now let's invite them fully into our hearts and listen to what they have to say.  

From an 8 year old I worked with yesterday:  "The ego gets in the way of people just having a good time and loving each other."     GD