Time to Get Real

The volume of daily discussion about the economy, the state of our country, global warming, and opposing political views, is dizzying for most of us.  It can absorb so much of our attention and energy that, I for one, can feel quite depleted by the end of the day if I allow too much of this into my consciousness.  

Yes, it is important to be aware of matters that affect our Planet Earth, our overall well-being, the ways in which people are being exploited and abused around the world, and so on, and how can we have a positive impact on reversing this trend of negativity if we ourselves get bogged down in it all?

I have found that it is important to protect myself from an overload of the onslaught so that I can remember the divine nature of who I am and why I am here on Earth at this time.   If I can connect with my own divine nature and remember that there is light in even the darkest of places, then perhaps I can make a difference.

In my work as a Shaman and teacher of Shamanism, I cannot possibly be effective if I am carrying the darkness that permeates the media and so much that surrounds us.   To keep myself clear and to enable my ability to radiate and shine my divine nature in all I do, I have practiced the Transfiguration work taught to me by Sandra Ingerman.  

It is truly the foundation of my work as a Shaman.   I have to approach the day and each of my clients with an opened heart and with clarity and divinity.   The work of Transfiguration keeps me clear and light and positive.   

Sandra Ingerman, as some of you know, is the author of many books and has been my primary Earth-bound teacher.   Her most recent book: "How to Thrive in Changing Times", has made it possible for everyone to better understand the nature of 'getting real" as I call it.   If you have not previously read this book, I strongly suggest you go to Sandra's website:  www.sandraingerman.com where you can order a copy now.  

If you would like to learn how to do this work for yourself, or to help heal others, the planet, your children, or your home, call me or write to me so we might discuss how you might best learn this transformative way of 'being'.