Today's Children

Has your child been 'diagnosed'?  Perhaps he or she carries a label of Autistic, Asperger's, ADHD or some other educational/psychological label of our modern day.  How are you dealing with this?   Do you see your child as sick, imperfect, or having to be 'managed'?  

Our current culture is identifying children in categories, based on behavioral traits. This is the sickness. Our children are individuals, many of whom have been born in this time with unusual talents and gifts.   In an effort to control and hold on to a design of the perfect child, our educational, medical, psychological and other leaders have created a system of placing our children into slots.   This one is this, and this one is, that.   How do we wade through this and help maintain the gifts and talents of our children?   How do we stop seeing them as 'sick' or 'broken' or needing to be changed in some way?

My passion has been working with children for decades.  In the past couple of years I have been mentoring and guiding children with special gifts and helping their parents to see how those gifts can be recognized and nurtured.   Stay tuned here for my ongoing blog on this topic.