What's in a Cloud?

Even on a cloudy day there is much to do outdoors! Today's children are no different than we were.  Their capacity to be entertained by nature's bountiful gifts remains alive.   It is our duty to introduce them to the possibilities and allow them to explore.

Remember when you were a child and you spent idyllic hours lying in the grass, on the beach,or on a rooftop, staring up at the clouds? These sky inhabitants came alive with images of cows, dogs, spaceships, baby carriages, and lightening bolts, didn't they?   And it was so much fun to watch the clouds shapeshift into a myriad of diifferent forms before our young eyes. We didn't speculate about why or how that happened (at least I didn't), we just knew that it was possible, and we believed anything was possible in the realm of the clouds and their capacity to create imagery. Our imaginations were alive and well!

Today I was introducing an 8 year old and his 12 year old brother to the concept of how Spirit is alive in all of nature's beings.   While in my office, they were attracted to a deck of  Cloud Cards that I have sitting on a shelf.

At first they thought it odd that someone would take so many photos of clouds (there are 100 photos in the deck), but then they began to see the images come alive in those photos.   It didn't take a lot of coaching for them to become engrossed in the possibility of who, or what, might be hidden in these clouds.   And, they soon discovered that they each could see different images in the same cloud photo...that the cloud was not limited in its capacity to show itself in different forms to each person.

In short order, these two boys were able to make the leap to the place of recognizing that the images in the clouds might be talking to them..that perhaps the images they were each seeing could be an answer to a question if they focused on a question in advance of viewing the card.  We did not have time today to take that exercise to it's ultimate source of delight, but, oh, the next time.....   you bet!