The Power of Words

by Guest Blogger:  Phyllis Capanna

The initial vibration that set the whole of creation to becoming physical form was, we are told, The Word. If The Word can have the power to create the world, then our words must also hold that potential.

From a shamanic perspective, words have energy. In the shamanic tradition, there is a healing practice called Word Doctoring, in which a shaman journeys on behalf of a client, asking the spirits for a word or words to help the client heal.                                               

When I did such a journey, I was told that the sound vibration as well as the intention behind the word held its healing power. At first my word seemed random, at best. Later, I realized it described perfectly every illness I have ever struggled with. But where I would have chosen to avoid use of that word, not wanting to substantiate my disease, the spirits seemed to be telling me that the only way out is through.

I choose to trust spirit in this matter. I no longer fear this descriptor and its implications. I simply feel, through living with this word, the power of owning my reality. Could it be that all healing begins with truth and acceptance? As I kid, I loved looking up words, and paid particular attention to the part of the dictionary where my name’s word cousins lived. One day, in a very large dictionary, I found a fabulous word, and I adopted it right then and there: phyllomania - “a profusion of leaves in unusual numbers or places.” How apt for someone like me who has a hundred passions, has held many jobs, started a dozen businesses, and reinvented myself at least twice! I kept that word to myself for a long time. I didn’t want anyone to steal its power from me. At one point I was uncomfortable with the implications of the word mania. When does many become mania? Once it became my word, I got to decide. What words are with you today? Maybe it’s time to freshen up the word energy that you have.

Sometimes changing one letter can change everything. Listen to the words you say today and take note of the energies you feel as you utter your favorite phrases. Open a dictionary and find new words. Most of all, use words that lift you up and make you happy! Sprinkle them liberally throughout your speech and writing. Whether you know it or not, your words have power. Know your words, know your power, and create the world you want, starting with yourself.

Phyllis Capanna is a writer and healer.