Connecting with Earth's Rhythm

The majority of children over the age of 6 are now acquainted with a variety of electronic gadgets, toys, computers, phones and all manner of micro-chipped devices.  

How is that impacting their well-being?   Numerous studies are being done on this subject and I would not be an expert in disputing the validity of any of such studies.   I can only posture my own observations as a shamanic practitioner. Children, indeed all humans, absolutely need to have ongoing contact with the natural world in order to live healthy lives with balanced body/mind/spirit.   To take ourselves away from the rhythm of the Earth is tantamount to unplugging ourselves from our source energy.  Just as healthy food is critical to a healthy body, connection to the earth is critical to a healthy spirit...our life force energy!   

Any human, child or adult, who balances their electronic exposure with time in nature, will likely, in my opinion fare quite well.   In fact, dare I say that exposure to the outdoors and the rhythm of all living things, may reduce the desire or impulse to be so connected to the electronic energy.   

What do I mean by the rhythm of the Earth?   Simply placing your feet (preferably fare feet) in the grass and gazing at the sky & clouds for 15 minutes a day is like a magic elixer for the soul.  Listening to the birds, paying attention to the breeze or wind (what direction is it coming from?  does it have any messages for you?).   Taking a walk in the woods heightens your senses and relaxes your body while also feeding your inner life.  The living beings in the woods rejoice when we visit; we bring that joy and celebration that they engender back into our homes when we visit the woods.  

If you live in an apartment and access to the outdoors is limited, try bringing some of the outdoors to the indoors.  Gather rocks on your next journey to a natural place and bring a few of them home.  Pick up a leaf, an acorn, a shell, a feather or other evidence of natural life and place it on your windowsill or a small altar you have fashioned to honor the presence of Earth and her bounty.   Remind yourself every time you pass it by that the Earth is our supplier; without Earth we have no life, no electronics, no breath.   Remember and express your gratitude for life!