Feeding Your Hungry Soul

My spirit helpers are never at a loss for topics on which to muse. 

This month they are rich with visions and thoughts concerning the hungry soul!  Being 21st century creatures, we are habitually obsessed about filling our hungry bellies and soothing our hungry hearts. And, what of the hungry soul?  What do we make of that?

It seems, according to my esteemed spirit partners, that the soul truly does need ongoing attention or it may succumb to the perils of withering and becoming flaccid. I ask…how might I come to know for what my soul hungers?  They say this: 

What makes you want to dance?  Does the sunset fill you with awe and wonder?  Do the early morning birds liven your awakening?  Pay attention to sounds, sights, events, scents, activities and visions that fill you and make you want more…like your body wants more chocolate!   That!   Your soul talks to you through an indescribable sense of wellbeing when it is fed what it needs.   When the fullness of your experience cannot be described in language, your soul is being fed!   Do more of that! 

I say YES…how about you?