Who is Your God?

How would you describe your God to a person who has never been introduced to the concept of a God?  

I don’t mean ‘who is God’ from a theological perspective. what I mean is who is your God…and describe your relationship with God?   Do you think your account would be similar to many others’ portrayal of this supernatural being…or do you think it would be unique?

Aren’t those interesting questions?   For the most part I find that people’s relationship with their God is highly personal.   For instance, you may think you know someone very intimately and then randomly discover that their experience or description of their God is starkly different than yours. Perhaps there are actually as many Gods as there are people who have a relationship with God! 

I am so fascinated by these questions that I have made this topic the focus of my September podcasts!  Listen in every week from wherever you are…mobile phone friendly so you can listen while driving, while sitting on your couch or mowing the lawn!   You can access current and past podcasts here

PS.  My belief…there is only oneness…and it’s complicated!