Of Love and Action

Where is the intersection where faith, action, spirituality and hope converge?  I ask myself this frequently.  Some people called to the work of spiritual leader tend to lean toward believing in “unicorns and rainbows”… everything will be ok if I just say it will be…and “la la la” nothing bad is happening.  And then there are those of us who believe that spirituality and action actually converge and create a far greater synergy than wishing and hoping without action. 

Believe me my spiritual practice demands that  I visualize peace, love, and harmony every day. I send love to all including those who I may personally experience as unlovable; I actually practice loving my enemy for that is the bottom line of achieving lasting peace.

 But love without action, though beautiful, is lacking effectiveness, in my opinion.  LOVE and ACTION demand I open my mouth when I see injustice. Love and action demand that I do something to help the less fortunate, the ones who are left behind and who do not have a voice to protect and defend themselves.   True spiritual people do more than just pray, trust and believe…they add ACTION to their prayers and this is what transforms the world and all its people.  ACTION is not always easy; you have to leave your comfort zone; you have to put yourself out there; you have to sacrifice your own resources at times.  This is where FAITH gets added to the amalgam.

Someone recently posted something about not marching on January 21st because she is well fed, has a job, loves her husband, has a home, has insurance, and she can’t see what all the fuss is about…after all she’s a woman and she has all these benefits…she feels equal!  My simple response is this:  love and action demand that I, with all the resources I have at my command, stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. I’m 70 years old; I’m not worried, for instance, about abortion rights for myself, but I am concerned about the health and wellbeing of women who have not had my good fortune and who might need women’s health benefits to ensure their life is more whole and healthy and that they have the ability to make decisions for themselves.   

The Women’s March on Washington DC was an example of LOVE and ACTION!  It was and continues to be inspiring and engenders the RADICAL HOPE I talked about in my greeting this month.  So we add RADICAL HOPE to the mixture.  The formula then becomes:   FAITH/ACTION/SPIRITUALITY/HOPE! 

What ACTION are you going to add to your LOVE to make a difference in the world?  Make a plan, take a stand, don’t back down, look for the resources and suggestions for simple ways you can make a difference in the life of someone else right NOW!   Access your own RADICAL HOPE and let’s stand arm in arm with SPIRIT …the Universe is on the side of LOVE and ACTION!